You may wonder, what are art hashtags? Well, the world is full of them today! It all starts with the # symbol. This symbol is then linked with a word. This combination is used to search content more easily on social media. Mainly Instagram has become famous because of the use of hashtags.

Well-used hashtags can help you to reach by a bigger and more relevant audience. As Instagram is a very visual medium, many artists are on Instagram too. And therefore, numerous art hashtags exist to promote artworks.

To help you get started, we made a list of some of the most used art hashtags on Instagram for you. They will help you to make the most of your Instagram experience.

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10 Most Used Art Hashtags

10 #artoftheday

With already 18,502,507 posts using #artoftheday it is definitely one of the most used art hashtags on Instagram. Each day artists upload their artwork using the hashtag #artoftheday. The uploaded pictures are then categorized under this keyword. If you used this art hashtag and then check it, you will instantly find your piece. 

9 #gallery

More than 18 million publications were posted under #gallery. Artists can connect to the community using art hashtag #gallery. By being part of it, they will give more visibility to their pieces. Also, the hashtag #gallery is used to increase your chances of being discovered by a gallery.

8 #paint

#paint highlights over 25 million publications and is a must-have in your social media posts about your artworks. It does not really matter what type of paint you use. By using this popular hashtag people that are interested in art and paintings will come across your works. This hashtag is also great to highlight pictures of your work in progress.

7 #instaart

This art hashtag mixes two words that you can easily guess: Instagram and art. Lots of words get combined with “instagram” such as #instafood #instamoment . So by using #instaart, it will make you visible to the whole world!

6 #creative

As we all know, art is about being creative! So why not use this word as a hashtag? #creative is ranked as one of the most used among art hashtags with over 43 million posts.

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5 #artwork

When an artist posts a picture on Instagram, it is usually their artwork they want to share. So why not show his or her piece to the rest of the world using #artwork? It has already been used around 56 million times and shows artworks from all around the work! It’s not only for artists but also for art buyers. Art buyers have the opportunity to look at some work that they would like or that might inspire them! 

4 #painting

Close to the top three is #painting. This art hashtag is among the more specific ones. With 57.2 million posts in 2018, this hashtag is only for paintings, so if you want to post a painting you absolutely need to use this one! This is a good hashtag to be found by intentional art buyers too because if people are looking for a statue, they would have searched for statue instead of paintings!

3 #artist

This hashtag has already 99,400,00 publications. Whether you are a professional artist or you’re just about to discover your artistic side, use this hashtag to connect to a large base of followers. But be careful with this hashtag, because it’s a very popular one. So if you use this hashtag, your post will immediately disappear in the masses of other posts that use this hashtag. So I would recommend not using this hashtag for every post, but only occasionally in well-timed posts. How to time your posts well? Check out the instagram course for artists I published.

2 #inspiration

Where do artists get their great ideas from? What drives them every day to create unique and amazing works of art? #inspiration has been used close to 100 million times and is therefore among the top 2 most used art hashtags on Instagram. From arts to sports to motivational lines, anything encouraging – that’s the hashtag to use!

1 #art

Surprise, surprise! Who would have guessed? #art is among the most used art hashtags on Instagram with almost 382 million publications. Anybody who wishes to relate his or her post with some kind of artistic intention can use #art. You will find beautiful works of art, paintings, photography, sketches and portraits as well as music-, dance- or literature- related posts and much more. Very inspiring and fascinating!

How to do art-hashtag research?

When you want to post a picture, just start typing hashtags in the description field. The number of times a hashtag has been used will show up and you can pick which ones you’d like to use! If you click on the specific hashtag, you find information on what content is being published underneath a certain hashtag. These days, you are also being given alternatives and related hashtags.

Use these art hashtags wisely

In this post, you found some of the most-used hashtags on Instagram. But a couple of tips! We recommend not to use too many art hashtags. It may bore your followers!

Also, pick the right mix of much-used hashtags and hashtags in which you can more easily make it to the top! A picture is posted every couple of seconds with the #art hashtag, so people may miss out on your works! Picking more specific hashtags like #abstractart or #watercolourart may attract a more relevant audience. Good luck and if you need more info on hashtags, then check out our Instagram Course for Artists!

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