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Focus of Backpacking Like A Boss

In short, Backpacking Like A Boss is about a female digital nomad travelling the world by herself in her self-converted van. That’s a long description, so to break it down there are 3 main pillars of this blog.

  • Vanlife – Living and travelling in a self-converted van throughout (at first) Europe. I write about the Van conversion, the travels and the difficulties it brings along.
  • Digital Nomading – Working location-independent from my self-converted van, co-working spaces or any place that offers internet. I write about how I ran my Art Startup accessART, how to find remote jobs, how to work remotely and how to keep my finances under control.
  • Travelling – I write in-depth guides about the places I visit. These are mostly off-the-beaten path destinations. I also write about solo female travelling.

Backpacking Like a Boss Collaboration


Reviews and Features for Hotels / Campings / Accommodations / Coworking Spaces

Are you looking for an high-ranking SEO review of your accommodation that you can share on your social media or use to attract new clients? In exchange for your services or for a monetary compensation, I can come visit and write an extensive review.


Camping du Bocq, Belgium

Reviews and Features for Outdoor / Campervan Brands

Is your brand active in one of the above mentioned topics, or for example outdoors, hiking or cycling? I would love to help your brand grow bigger. I can write reviews, post on social media or include your brand in other blogposts.


Trono – Included in my blog article on Besancon.

Reviews for Tour operators / Travel Companies

My reviews have been read by thousands of people that can be your prospective customers too! People are looking more and more often for in-depth reviews of people who have actually taken a trip. Detailed information that is easy to digest.


Katarina Line Croatia

Secret Surf Tenerife

Fellow Travel Bloggers

Are you looking for guest posts or other inspirational materials about the above mentioned topics? Or would you like to exchange or promote content? I’m always open to fair collaborations!


Simply fill out the form and I’ll be in touch soon!

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