The Coolest Vanlife Pets Travelling In a Campervan

written by Sabrina
published on January 8, 2021

Pets make great companions and not only while staying at home! Although not all forms of travelling are very suitable to bring along dogs, cats or other animals, vanlife with pets is definitely a feasibly scenario! You are basically bringing your home with you, which can help you maintain a stable environment for your pet. Still, it’s important to consider carefully whether bringing your pet on your vanlife adventure is a good idea.

Because many people love vanlifing with their animals, I created this overview of awesome vanlife pets and their beautiful campervans! Have a look at their profiles for inspiration, challenges and awesome adventures 🙂

Vanlife with dogs

Vanlife dogs are awesome and make for great friends on the road! It’s definitely for a reason that dogs are the most popular pets for vanlife. They often love being with their humans all the time, and enjoy the outdoors. Obviously, not all breeds are equally suitable for vanlife, but if you train your dog well, both you and the dog will enjoy your travels a lot!!

Hazel – @thelifewereafter

Hazel is a vandog who accompanies Carly & Kyle on their travels through The USA and Canada. The cool, furry grey vandog is now a full-time traveler and is a great Instagram model! 🙂

vanlife with pets - hazel thelifewereafter
Hazel from @thelifewereafter

Frank – @thesewildjourneys

Frank is a cool Border Terrier pup and is the ultimate adventure dog. His size is absolutely perfect for living in a van. This adorable vanlife pet is exploring the world with Jack and Jo who have been living vanlife since 2020. They sold their flat in London to move full time into their converted Mercedes Sprinter Van called Patsy. They now enjoy waking up with nature and sea views all around!

vanlife with pets - frank thesewildjourneys
Frank from @thesewildjourneys

Orlando – @chadandpaul

Orlando is a cool small vanlife dog and keeps Chad and Paul company on their travels. Orlando is definitely the boss in the van – taking over the van completely with his toys 😉 Chad and Paul are two travelling husbands who left their corporate jobs and are now digital nomads working and living from their campervan. Orlando joins Chad and Paul on all their adventures, from supping to shopping and everything in between 🙂

vanlife with dogs - orlando chadandpaul
Orlando from @chadandpaul

Arlo & Finn – @laducb

Arlo and Finn are true adventure dogs that keep Bryce and Paul company on their journeys! Arlo is a charming and friendly border collie dog who is super intelligent and athletic. He definitely loves being outdoors and adores his humans for taking him on their adventures. Finn is a super sweet dog that uses a doggie wheelchair to get around after having an accident. He is therefore not the standard vanlife dog, but they certainly make it work!! Finn is a big beach fan and his hobby is sniffing around 😉

Arlo and Finn vanlife dogs laducb
Arlo and Finn from @laducb

Cruz – @Cruzthebulldog 

English Bulldog Cruz enjoys an awesome nomadic lifestyle and even has his own Instagram account! Based in Canada, Cruz enjoys an adventurous van life with his human @vancity_vanlife. Cruz is the star in his youtube videos and really plays his part. The great thing for Cruz is that he grew up in and around the van, it truly is his home!

cruz the bulldog vanlife witha dog
Cruz from @Cruzthebulldog 

Occy – @Max & Occy

Occy is an adorable Australian Shepherd dog that used to travel with Max and Lee, a nomad couple on vanlife lifestyle. The trio lived in a beautiful Mercedes Sprinter campervan for two years, driving along the Pan American highway and crossing 13 country borders.  After Max and Lee went their separate ways, Occy is now reunited with Max in Australia and they are living in their newly built van.

vanlife with dogs - max and occy
Occy from @Max & Occy

Cleo@Vanilla Icedream

Cleo is a beautiful border collie living in a campervan! She is super well trained by Viki, her human – they even walk without a lead in big cities! Cleo is a superb co-pilot and even has her own sleeping bag to avoid sand and hairs getting into the bed 😉 After being full-time vanlifers for over 3 years, Cleo has seen more countries than many humans! A true vanlife dog!

vanlife with pets - cleo and viki
Cleo from @Vanilla Icedream

Nova@Wolftail Travels

Nova is a 4 year old German Shepherd and the perfect companion for Bernadet from the Netherlands. Nova has been with Bernadet since she was a little pup and is super smart! Bernadet and Nova are currently travelling around Europe in their awesome converted van. Bernadet has made it her mission to map Europe’s most iconic hikes on their accessibility for dogs.

Dutch vanlifers - Living in campervan fulltime
Nova from @Wolftail Travels

Awesome Vanlife Cats

After dogs, cats are certainly the most popular pet to take on the road! It wouldn’t be the first time that you see a vanlife cat lounging in the car dashboard, soaking up the sun 😉 Most cats are very happy with having their home on wheels. When they are venturing out, they often wear a harness to make sure they don’t get lost or run away.

Dragon – @samantharolmsted

Dragon is an adorable little black cat enjoying vanlife with his human Samantha. Samantha is a flight attendant and built her van all by herself! Dragon, although still being a baby, is fully accustomed to their vanlife trips and loves exploring new places and meeting new people. He makes a great travel companion! Outside of the van he wears a little harness so he doesn’t run away!

dragon the vanlife cat
Dragon from @samantharolmsted

Millie – @curlyhaircamping

Millie is a true adventure cat! She is a vanlife cat that travels with Ladi and Margaret who are avid travelers. The three of them have seen so many countries and places together, it’s incredible! The couple is currently in the Czech Republic and are converting a new van (not just for Millie 😉 before hitting the road again.

Millie vanlife cat - curly hair camping
Millie from @curlyhaircamping

Theia – @Theia Explorertails

Theia is a gorgeous red Abyssinian cat. She and her cat sister Prem are true vanlife cats travelling throughout the USA. They are definitely not your average housecats, but love exploring the outdoors in their little harnesses! Parks, beaches, rocks or grass – it doesn’t matter as long as there is adventure 🙂

Theia vanlife cats
Theia from @Theia Explorertails

Other vanlife pets

Alfredo (Snake) – @jennelle.eliana

Alfredo is a cream-colored, medium-sized snake who lives in a van! He travels in a 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with Jennelle who has become a true instagram & Youtube celebrity. Alfredo has an estimated lifespan of about 30 years, so many more years ahead to be a famous vanlife pet!!

Alfredo vanlife snake
Alfredo from @jennelle.eliana

Piper & Sirius Black (Bunnies) – @soulfulbuslife

Rachel lives in a self-converted school bus with her hubby, 2 cats, a dog and two bunnies!! These must be the coolest bunnies on the planet 😀 Their names are Piper and Sirius Black (how cool!). The bunnies and cats have their own litter boxes which get cleaned everyday (check Rachel’s instagram stories for FAQ’s). The food, vet bills and other supplies do add up, but they do make this lifestyle work in a great way!

bunnies in vanlife
Piper, Sirius Black and their friends from @soulfulbuslife

Hagrid (bearded dragon) – @happy_vagabonds

You don’t see many reptiles living vanlife! So meet Hagrid: a stunning lizard enjoying vanlife with Chris and Shelby. The trio loves exploring extraordinary places across the USA and are currently converting an old schoolbus.

hagrid bearded dragon vanlife pets
Hagrid from @happy_vagabonds

Famous vanlife pets

That’s a wrap! I hope you have enjoyed this article about awesome vanlife pets and got inspired 😀 Do you know any more cool vanlife pets? Share them in the comments below and I will add them!


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