Digital Nomad

I made my first trip as a digital nomad 10 years ago when I was 20 years old. I was still in University and was writing my master thesis. Since then, I have traveled the world while working online.

After my studies, I worked as an IT consultant with a large international firm. I learned a lot, but something was missing. The urge to build something, to be my own boss.

For the last three years, I have been a full-time digital nomad. I have done shitty $8 per hour writing jobs. I started and failed an art startup and had to AirB&B my apartment to make ends meet. I worked at $60 per hour for corporate clients.

I did all this from amazing locations from Australia to Argentina, from the Sahara to Iceland, from the back of my van to co-working spaces.

I don’t write about how I made my first 1 Million Dollar. Because I have not done that yet. I do however, take you on my journey of a life of freedom and choice.

Lovely to meet you!


My latest Digital Nomad posts

An Adventure Lifestyle: The Pros and Cons

An Adventure Lifestyle: The Pros and Cons

I have been living and adventurous lifestyle for the past 10 years. Travelling, working remote, building a campervan and living in it for 2 years. But this lifestyle comes with a price. Not seeing your friends from back home, finding it hard to maintain relationships,...

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How To Price your Art like a Pro | Art Pricing Guide

How To Price your Art like a Pro | Art Pricing Guide

How to price your art? This is a big question for emerging artists and pro's alike. Determining a price for your art is not always easy. You don't want to over or under price your artwork. Especially when you have not sold many pieces yet, it is difficult to determine...

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100 remote jobs to make

money online today

Are you tired of all these blog posts that tell you that you can become a travel blogger, influencer, software tester and who knows what else to make money online? But they never tell you exactly how or what or where to start?

Yes, I was tired of this too. And I have been there. I started from scratch. That’s why I prepared this post for you with an e-book of 100 platforms, websites and companies where you can start earning money today!


My inspiration

These are my favourite books that keep me inspired as a digital nomad. It ain’t always easy, so I love even reading 1 chapter of these books to find my passion and fire again!


From 2015 to 2017 I ran accessART. An art startup in which I tried to connect artists from all over the world with buyers from all over the world. I am convinced that there is a real market for affordable art, and that shopping for art should be made much easier.

For a plentitude of reasons, I did not manage to turn this into a great company. I did, however, want to share with you some of the most popular blog posts that I created with my team. These blogs are both art related, as they are related to my personal journey as a female startup founder. Also, we published an Instagram Course for Artists.

How To Price your Art like a Pro | Art Pricing Guide

How to price your art? This is a big question...

10 Essential Art Hashtags on Instagram

You may wonder, what are art hashtags? Well, the...

10 Amazing Art Facts You Didn’t Know Yet

Artists and their artworks surprise us on a...

Why I love being a digital nomad


Time to spend with people I care about

Living in a van