How to Build A Foldable Table in Your Campervan – Simple & Cheap

written by Sabrina
published on October 2, 2017

For many campervans, especially small ones, it can be useful to build a foldable table. This is a table that can fold down when you want to build your bed, but you can bring back up and use as a table. As I am also working online as a digital nomad when I am travelling with the van, I wanted to have a proper place to sit and work.

So that’s why I used this lay-out with a foldable table for my campervan conversion and this is the result πŸ™‚

Foldable Table in Campervan Conversion

The final result!

The table Top

Finding a good table top was not easy. Buying a plastic table top could be done at any caravan store, but I didn’t like them very much. I wanted a nice, wooden table top, but it could not be too heavy. I visited a local wood craft shop, but the prices started at €100 for a small piece of wood.

Then my mum came up with the brilliant idea to just buy an old second hand table via marktplaats (Dutch Ebay) and cut the table top into the right shape. We found a €20 oak side table and although it was not easy, we were able to saw it into the right size. After some sanding, I got some transparant laquer and the table top looked like new!

Take into account the thickness of the wood and the height of the foldable table foot when you are building your couches πŸ™‚

Foldable Table in Campervan Conversion

Just make sure the table and the couches are exactly the same height, or sleeping won’t be that much fun πŸ™‚

The Foldable Table Foot

The table foot was a different story to find. It’s not a very common item as many campervans and caravan have built in systems. You are most likely to find it on for example Amazon or a camping store. They will cost anywhere between €100 and €300 depending on frame size, colour and brand. They come in different colours such as black, grey or white. As far as I have found there are two sizes: 65 and 75 centimeters.

An example of a Foldable Table on Amazon

For Dutch people, de Wit Schijndel is a good option with their FAWO table footΒ which is the one I bought.

The Foldable Table / Bed Setup

So how does the setup look like including the foldable table? The foldable table foot actually matches the colours of the pillows with which I am very happy πŸ˜‰

Foldable Table in Campervan ConversionFoldable Table in Campervan Conversion

With the big bed setup, the table is still the main support for the bed. But I added some wooden planks to support the rest of the 1.80 meters. Also I added a little foldable plank to add 40cm to the long couch to get a proper bed.

Foldable Table in Campervan Conversion

Foldable Table in Campervan Conversion

The big bed setup with the foldable table

When I drive a lot or just spend one night at a place, I often just use the small bed setup. This is mainly the table and the pillows supported by one plank (horizontally placed) or one iron stick. This is enough for me to sleep diagonally.

Foldable Table in Campervan Conversion

The small bed setup with the pillows supported by an iron support stick


Although making the bed everyday can be a bit of a pain, it is not as bad as you may think! I get it done within 3 minutes usually, and when the weather is good I just leave the bed on and work outside on my plastic table πŸ™‚

The foldable table works perfectly, even though the wood is quite heavy. I personally leave the table inside all the time because it’s a bit heavy for me to lift in and out. So I would not recommend this for people wanting to use their table indoors and outdoors.

I am still happy it’s able to move though, because it makes cleaning a lot easier! I also use it sometimes to help friends (or myself πŸ˜› ) move houses and without the table there is plenty of space in the van!

Any question? Let me know πŸ™‚

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Campervan Folding Table
Campervan Folding Table
Campervan Folding Table


  1. Sabrina, thanks for sharing this lovely post. You have used the images and content in such an organised fashion that the reader will surely be engrossed and amused. I am going to share this with a friend who had been searching for information in these lines. I really loved your blog.

    • Thanks for your message Joseph! Happy that it helped you πŸ™‚

    • Hi there Sabrina where did you buy the foldable table from is there a link you could send please & kind regards

      • Hi Kerry, I purchased the foot at a camping story, and the table top I got from an old ugle table πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Sabrina,
    Wow what an excellent blog!
    What are the dimensions of your table seats and cushions please
    Cheers Jim

    • Hi Jim! They were custom made for my van. We took a regular wooden garden bench to find the proper measures. I’m quite short so I’d suggest you find a seat that you like and go from there πŸ™‚ You can also see if you can find ready-made cushions first (hand made are expensive!) and build your couch from there. Good luck!



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