The Highest Waterfalls in Spain

written by Sabrina
published on April 23, 2020

As you will have seen in my article on waterfalls in Spain, I absolutely adore waterfalls. Making the list of waterfalls in Spain, I also got interested which are the HIGHEST waterfalls in Spain.

I had to do some research, and the data is not ready at hand for all waterfalls. Also, it appears there is not one point of measuring waterfalls. Some measure the single drop, others measure the total height of the fall. This also depends on if the Spanish word for waterfall “Salto” or “Cascada” is used. So this list of highest waterfalls in Spain may not be 100% scientifcally approved, but it will definitely let you know what are some of the highest waterfalls in Spain 馃槈 Enjoy!

The Highest Waterfall in Spain: Salto del Nervi贸n – 223m

One thing that everyone agrees on is that the Salto de Nervion with a single drop of a stunning 222m is the highest waterfall in Spain.

The waterfall is located on the edge of the province of Al谩va, close to Burgos. Make sure to visit after a storm, lots of rain or the melting of the ice to see this waterfall in it’s full strenght!

Easy to reach from: Bilbao – 70 km / 1:15 hour drive
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Turismo Vasco page

Cascada De La Osera 鈥 130m

The Cascada de la Osera is located in the stunning Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and the Villas in Andalusia. The Cascada de la Osera is located on the west side of the park an is the highest waterfall in Andalusia and the second-highest waterfall in Spain!

Nearby Cascada el Chorrogil is also a high waterfall of 100 meters and is only about 2km away from the Osera waterfall.

Easy to reach from: Cordoba – 200km drive (2,5 hrs)
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Turismo en Cazorla

Sant Miquel de Fai – 120m

The Cascada de Sant Miquel de Fai drops over 120 meter divided over several levels. It’s located right next to a monastery in a lush green area. It’s super easy to visit, and the monastery, the waterfall and the hiking opportunities make for a great day out.

Easy to reach from: Barcelona – only a 50km drive
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Sant Miquel de Fai Blog

Waterfalls in Spain - Salt de Tenes - Sant Miquel del Fai Barcelona Catalunya
Salt de Tenes

Cascada del Cinca – 110m

Cascada del Cinca (also know as Cascada de Marbor茅) is located in Huesca, Aragon, in the Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido. In this park you find more beautiful Spanish waterfalls such as the Cola de Caballo. However, the Cascada del Cinca appears to be the biggest of the region with a single drop of 110 meters.

Easy to reach from: it’s quite remote in the Pyrenees. Pamplona is a 3 hours drive away.
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Blogpost

Cascada Gujuli – 100m

The Gujuli waterfall is located in the Province of Alava, Basque country, within the Gorbea Natural Park. The Cascada Gujuli has a stunning drop of over 100 meters high! There is very little water in summer, so if you want to visit this magnificent waterfall make sure to plan your trip accordingly. The great news: the Cascada Gujuli makes a great daytrip from Bilbao and could be combined on a great weekend trip with the Salto de Nervi贸n.

Easy to reach from: Bilbao – 40km drive
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Gorbeia Natural Park

Waterfalls in Spain - Cascada de Gujuli, pai虂s Vasco, Espan虄a
View from the top of the Gujuli Waterfall

Salt de Sallent – 100m

The Salt de Sallent near Rupit makes for a great roadtrip from Barcelona. It has a beautiful drop of about a 100 meters and is situated in a beautiful setting. The medieval town of Rupit is worth a visit by itself, but the Salt de Sallent waterfall (only a 45 minute hike from the town) really adds something special to your visit.

Easy to reach from: Barcelona – 2,5 hour drive
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Blog

Waterfalls in Spain - Salt de Sallent Barcelona Catalunya
Salt de Sallent

Nacimiento del R铆o Mundo – 100m

The Nacimiento del R铆o Mundo (also known as chorros del r铆o mundo) is located in the northern tip of the Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas, just as the Cascada de la Osera. Next to it being high, this waterfall is also quite big and you can approach it closeby to take great pictures. This popular waterfall is easy to reach and has a big parking.

Easy to reach from: Albacete – 127km and 2 hrs drive
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Blog

Nacimiento del Rio As贸n – 70m

The remote Nacimiento del Rio As贸n comes plunging down in a single drop of about 70 meters! The waterfall is located in Cantabria. It’s a great trip to put on your list of things to do in Santander, which is only an hour away! It鈥檚 definitely not one of the most visited waterfalls in Spain, but that does add to its charm!

Easy to reach from: Santandar – 50 km, 1 hour drive
Hike: Wikiloc
Information: Blog

One of the Highest Waterfalls in Spain - Nacimiento Rio Ason (1)
View on the beautiful Nacimiento R铆o Ason

That’s it! The Highest waterfalls in Spain

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this article, and maybe I will see at one of these amazing waterfalls somewhere around Spain 馃檪 Drop a comment below if you know of any other waterfalls that are super high!


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