Norway is a stunning country. But some parts of it are extra stunning!! One of my favourite parts of Norway is the Trolltunga Hike – or, hiking to the Troll’s Tongue. A large rock, hanging above 1100 meters above sea level and 700 meters above a stunning Fjord. Prepare for a solid road trip and a demanding hike to Trolltunga. But I can assure you, it’s definitely worth it (even if it were just for the picture 😉 ). Do check what time of the year the hike is accessible because it’s quite high and you don’t want to get caught in a snowstorm 🙂

How to get to Trolltunga

Your first destination will be Odda. Prepare to wake up early, unless you are staying close to Odda. There is not really a reason to stay around there, apart from the hike to Trolltunga. We were doing our exchange in Bergen, Norway, and had to drive from there. The trip takes over three hours and includes an infrequent ferry, so make sure to be there in time 🙂

We left Bergen between 5 am and 6 am so we could start the hike bright and early! We arrived at the Ferry in time and the photo fun could start!! Despite the early rise, we were all quite excited for the hike and this definitely shows in the pictures 😉

Trolltunga Hike Norway

Waiting for the Ferry

There are several routes you can take to Odda and they all take about the same time. Obviously, the ferry makes that it costs a bit more time than driving, but it saves in the kilometers.

From Bergen to Trolltunga Hike Norway

From Bergen to the start of the Trolltunga Hike

It was a bit late in the season so it was easy to park and free at the time. There were not that many people so we were off to a good start! For more details on public transport to Trolltunga en parking possibilities, check this link by Fjord Norway.

The stunning Trolltunga hike

The hike to Trolltunga is almost 30 kilometers and takes roughly 10 hours. This is mainly because of the altitude meters. Taking into account the 10 hours and the altitude, this means the hike to Trolltunga is quite challenging. But the good thing about it being a tough hike is: there are no busloads of tourists! Even though the hike to Trolltunga can get crowded in summer, you will never have the overcrowded scenes you see elsewhere in the country.

To keep you motivated and to make you keep reading, this is how the hike start 😉

Trolltunga Hike Norway

You can either climb this cableway if you are very enthusiastic, or take the normal route through the woods 🙂 This was definitely the hardest part of the way and a large part of the altitude meters! 2 of us were brave enough to conquer the steps, the rest of the group followed the trail through the woods.

Trolltunga Hike Norway

My happy face 😉

The Trolltunga hike is pretty popular and therefore also quite well sign-posted. We did the hike in October and there were few people on the track. There was a little snow already, but not much. It was a super sunny day but we were well-prepared clothing wise. In the mountains you never know, the weather may change all of a sudden!

In general, it is recommended to only hike this route between June and September so that you won’t encounter snow. Between September and October, you can still hike it, but it’s recommended with a guide. You don’t want to get lost because you cannot see the signs anymore! If you want to go for more winter-like adventures, you may be better off visiting Iceland and its many waterfalls 🙂

Trolltunga Hike Norway

There were so many picture-perfect places along the hike, so stunning! Pretty lakes, beautiful views over the fjord, no words could do this place justice!

Trolltunga Hike Norway

Just a very pretty reflecting lake on the way to Trolltunga

The hike going there took us about 4-5 hours. We took it quite easily, had a steady pace but also took our time to enjoy the scenery. For us, I think the hike took at least an hour longer, because of all the pictures we were taking 😉

Picture time!

And then suddenly, we were there!! To be honest, the view of the rock itself is a bit of a deception. It’s not as much of a cliff as it looks on the pictures. It’s the angle of the picture that makes this spot absolutely amazing to take amazing pictures. And so we did!

We probably spent about an hour here taking pictures and having fun (and being a bit scared). It is seriously high! I read other blogs of people that were here in summer and did not have a great time. Too many people queuing up to take pictures, not enough time. I simply don’t like crowds and was so happy we went here early October!


Trolltunga Hike Norway

Wonder who initiated this picture 😉

As all of you that know me well know, I love jumping pictures! And somehow I got the rest of the group crazy enough to follow suit haha!

Trolltunga Hike Norway

It was actually way too high to make these kinds of jokes!

You honestly do not want to fall off this cliff. It is very high and with sudden winds, it can get tricky. So be careful and do not too close to the edges, please 😉

You just have to go here!

I don’t have a top 10 favourite places in Europe yet, but if I did this one would definitely be in it! I’m not even sure what was better – doing this hike or enjoying the Northern Lights in Tromso. Norway just keeps making me fall in love! Even though the Trolltunga hike is not on this list of most beautiful places in Norway, I think it definitely should be 🙂 For everyone who is in the area of Bergen, make sure to do this hike. It’s really incredible and will stay with you forever 🙂 Can you tell I’m a fan? 😉

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Hiking Trolltunga in Norway
Hiking Trolltunga in Norway
Hiking Trolltunga in Norway

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