4 Days of Relaxing in Bariloche

written by Sabrina
published on February 8, 2011

Since my last story, a lot has happened again!! Bariloche turned out to be amazing. Great weather, clear water, so many things to do! After the crazy quick and busy one week in Patagonia, it was time for some relaxing in Bariloche!

Relaxing in Bariloche

After arriving in Bariloche, I was quite exhausted! The first day after the almost 40 hours bus ride I just chilled out in the park and read a book. It was also a good opportunity to find out more about Bariloche and have a look at my plans for the upcoming days. The hostel 41 below in which I stayed was lovely and I made some friends straight away!

At night a little splurge – we went out to a vegetarian restaurant that served the most amazing food!! I also met a friend from the Netherlands that was in Bariloche at the same time I was! It’s a small world 🙂

Hiking in Llao Llao National Park

On the second day, I went for an easy day with an American girl and a Canadian guy. We had a lovely time hiking through Llao Llao national park. The park has great views, and it was a beautiful day.

Relaxing in Bariloche - Llao Llao

Hiking with two new friends!

We relaxed in the sun a bit and tried to swim in the lake. But unfortunately, Bariloche’s lakes are fed by water from the mountains, so it’s really freezing!

There are many walks and treks around Bariloche, so make the most out of your stay 🙂

Relaxing in Bariloche - Llao Llao

With bare feet in the water, but not more because it was freezing 🙂

We also came across the fancy Llao Llao Hotel, which was a hotel with one of the best views I have ever seen! I was very keen to take a dip in the pool, but I don’t think it would have been appreciated by the hotel staff 😉

Relaxing in Bariloche - Llao Llao

Horseriding in Bariloche

On my third day in Bariloche, I either wanted to go horse-riding or rafting. Rafting was financially unfeasible, so it became horseriding. Together with Ariel (USA) we just left for the estancia on sunday morning. We arrived early and nobody seemed to be there. Finally we found the gaucho (cowboy) and he took us for a 3 hour ride just with the two of us! A beautiful trip, and my galopping skills keep on improving :).

Relaxing in Bariloche - Horseriding

I like horse riding when I travel, because you can just enjoy the scenery and don’t have to watch your feet when you walk 😉

In and Around Bariloche

In Bariloche, I stayed at the hostel 41 below.

The lake district is beautiful and got some glimpses from the bus trip. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time (and no driver’s license!!) to discover the whole area.  But if you are looking at a roadtrip around Bariloche, check out this blog on a roadtrip from Bariloche to Villa la Angostura.

After Relaxing in Bariloche, I left for Buenos Aires again. I spent some days at the beach at Villa Gesell a small beach town. After that, a couple of days partying in Buenos Aires and then on to one the parts of Argentina I had been looking forward to: Cafayate and the North of Argentina. Exciting times 🙂

Relaxing in Bariloche

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