Review: Camping de L’Abbeye in Bonlieu, Jura Region, France

written by Sabrina
published on September 1, 2017

Every couple of days I stop at a camping to recharge my and the camper’s batteries ;-). Especially when the weather is bad or it gets a bit cloudy, the solar panel struggles a bit. Also a shower and doing laundry can become the best things ever when you live out of your van 🙂 This stop was Camping de L’Abbeye in Bonlieu, a little village I came across roadtripping the Jura region.

After having found a free camping spot at a local wine farmer, it was nice to stay at this campsite. In short, camping de L’Abbeye was a good experience in a good location!

Camping places

When you arrive at Camping de L’Abbeye, the reception gives you the possibility to have a walk on the campsite and pick your own spot. The places are quite big and are separated by a high line of trees. This means you have a lot of privacy!

Some of the places have a view on the mountain that is closely. This also means you have a view on the children’s playground, but if you just look up you won’t see that 😉

The places at Camping de L’Abbeye are grassy and spacious but not all that straight so you will need some blocks to put your camper straight.

Camping de L’Abbeye Bonlieu

Beautiful green places with view on the hills, chilling with bubbles and my Trono‘s 🙂


The location of Camping de L’Abbeye in Bonlieu is very good to explore the Jura region. You are right next to Lac de Bonlieu (500m down the road) which offers some good walks and swimming! The water is crystal clear.

If you are making a road trip in the Jura, you will find that you are als close to the Cascades de Herisson and the viewpoint “Belvedere de 4 Lacs”. All other sights and towns in the Jura are within an easy driving distance

Lac de Bonlieu, close to Camping de L’Abbeye

Crystal clear water in Lac de Bonlieu, close to Camping de L’Abbeye

Sanitary Facilities

It’s a small camping and there was one sanitary building. The facilities were fine and the showers were hot, which always makes me happy 😉 What I remember vividly from this campsite is that the water pressure was so hard, that it was hard to have a nice relaxed shower haha. But then again, it was perfect for getting off the dirt and washing my hair 😉


The camping offers a bread service in the morning. You can order your croissants, pain au chocolats or baguettes and pick them up in the morning 🙂 Next to the camping, there is a restaurant. The camping and restaurant are from the same owner.

I didn’t try the food there, but they had a lovely large terrace, a pizza take-away and a la carte.

There are very few options to have dinner closeby unfortunately. Bonlieu is cute but very small and I couldn’t find any restaurant there. I ended up having dinner in the rather fancy Les Truites Blues.


The atmosphere was nice and quiet. There were a couple of families with small kids, but not that much. Probably had to do with the fact that there was no swimming pool. It was pretty quiet on the camping, even in high season which made it a lovely place to recharge for a couple of nights.


The price for 2 people for the camping place including a car was €16,80. Electricity was €4.00 which made the price come above €20 which was a bit steep, but not too bad.

You had to pay a €20 deposit for the car key to enter and leave the premises.

Roadtrip through the Jura - Camping de L'abbeye

Lots of privacy on the camping spots and beautiful views on the hills


There is free Wifi on the campsite, but it’s not fantastic. I had to do some work one morning and took my laptop to the reception. I then was not able to connect to the Wifi of the camping but I could reach the same free Wifi from the restaurant. Once I was connected it was really good and I got a lot done!

Camping de L’Abbeye: To Conclude

I found Camping L’Abbeye a lovely small campsite and a great base to explore the Jura. Close to some main attractions, within easy driving distance of other towns and Lac de ….. and Lac de Vouglans. Good sanitary facilities, decent privacy on your camping spot and friendly people. I can definitely recommend spending a couple of nights here! Check out the own website of the camping too for more information.


  1. Hi Sabrina,

    Goed om te zien dat het goed met je gaat, super tof trouwens die zitzakken met logo!

    • Thanks Paul! Leuk dat je mee leest 🙂


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