South Africa

South Africa is still in the top 3 of my destinations in the whole world! The combination of wildlife, nature and culture is amazing!
South Africa

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Swaziland: -26.325700, 31.144700
St. Lucia: -28.376900, 32.414200
Durban: -29.861800, 31.009900
Port Elizabeth: -33.961700, 25.620800
Jeffrey\'s Bay: -34.051100, 24.922200
Plettenberg Bay: -34.052800, 23.369400
Hermanus Bay: -34.178300, 22.110800
Buffel\'s Bay: -34.086400, 22.973100
Stellenbosch: -33.934400, 18.869200
Cape Town: -33.929000, 18.417400
Thembalethu: -25.494400, 31.509400

My 3 Week Itinerary for Backpacking in South Africa

Last Updated - 06/04/2018 Backpacking in South Africa is quite an experience! More and more backpackers find their way to Africa and this is great because it's such an exciting continent! I visited South-Africa in 2008 (which is almost 10 years ago at the time of...

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A Personal Guide to Volunteering in South Africa for Free

In the summer holidays of 2008, I went to visit South Africa for a volunteering assignment. It was an amazing experience that even know, 10 years later, I have not forgotten one detail about. Volunteering in South Africa was a life changing event for me. That's why I...

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Why I love South Africa

South Africa off-the-beaten path

South Africe has it all!

Backpacking in South Africa

France is a country that is made for travelling with a campervan or an RV!

Wild camping in France is also possible

Travelling solo as a woman in South Africa

I travelled with one other girl in South Africa

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