My Favourites – Top 10 South-America After 6 Months of Travelling

written by Sabrina
published on August 4, 2011

When in the plane back from South-America, I was just reflecting on everything I did in the last couple of months and there were so many things that crossed my mind. But I did manage to create my very own “Top 10 South-America” – so here is a list of 10 of all the amazing things I have seen and done in a combined 8 month stay (1 month Ecuador, 7 months Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil).

For you all to enjoy and maybe get some inspiration for future travels! For me to keep track of all the beautiful things I have seen and never forget how grateful I have to be that I have got the chance to do all this. Enjoy the read!

My top 10 South-America

1. Salar de Uyuni and surroundings, Bolivia

Just one word: WOW. This place might be the most beautiful place I have ever been. I celebrated my birthday here and we had a beautiful day with the clouds reflecting in the small layer of water. This was in February. I spent two weeks in Bolivia but this was the definite highlight! There are many things to do in the Salar de Uyuni. I joined a tour from Tupiza and mostly just enjoyed the ride and the scenery, but you can join biketours, go shopping for souvenirs and enjoy seeing flamingoes!

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

2. Trek to Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru

This highlight of my trip almost got washed away by the rain, but MAAAAN it was so worth it. Also the Loki Inka Jungle trip there was amazing: hiking, ziplining, cycling, partying, everything!

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

Jungle Trek to Macchu Picchu

3. El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina

Really a highlight of my trip. This awesome, beautiful place where you can spend weeks hiking, was so peaceful yet challenging! Everyone walks around in hiking boots 😀 Fresh air, free hikes, great people, great weather, great views, just amazing! I discovered Patagonia in one week but there are so many more beautiful places in Patagonia and I will definitely go back! The mountain on the Picture is Mt. Fitz Roy 

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss


To plan my itinerary to South-America, I used the Lonely Planet on a Shoestring! If you order it here, you support this blog!


4. Huaraz, Peru

This was by far my favourite place in Peru! Travelling there is a pretty long way for Lima, but you are ready for a hiking heaven. You can visit beautiful Lagunas and great hiking (at altitude!!). This picture was taken at Laguna 69, a tough but beautiful hike! The drive to get from Huaraz to Laguna 69 is already worth doing the trip! This blog about the trip to Laguna 69 gives a great explanation of how the day will look like if you make this trip 🙂

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

5. The Jungle in Iquitos, Peru

My trip to Iquitos was truly amazing! A magical, mystical experience getting to know the Jungle. Piranha fishing, crossing the Amazon, Pink River dolphins, truly amazing experience. There is a great animal orphanage and butterly farm to visit as well, with the most amazing creatures to admire!

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

6. Cotopaxi Volcano in Quito, Ecuador

A really awesome tour, going by jeep up to some 4500 meters and then hiking up to 5000. Having lunch, climbing further to the glacier and then mountainbike down. My first real altitude experience!

Top 10 South-America backpacking like a boss

7. Buenos Aires,Argentina

This is the only city in this top 10, but definitely should be in here. Buenos Aires has everything I look for in a city: good hostels, handsome men 😉 , good wine, the most amazing food, decent infrastructure, not too expensive, good shopping, great partying.. and I can keep on going like this 🙂 Many people agree with me on this – check this blog on Buenos Aires highlights to get more inspiration!

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

8. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Chile

Although just a one day visit, this place stayed with me as one of the most stunning places in South-America. I definitely want to go back here for a longer trekking so that it bumps up a couple of places in my top 10 South-America list 🙂

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

9. Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil

When I travelled from Lima to Sao Paolo overland, I also visited the Iguazu Falls. I witnessed some of the highest waterlevels ever in the Iguazu Falls and rivers which unfortunately didn’t let us see the highlights of the park, but it was definitely a natural miracle (and cold and rainy)! So much water, so much power, very impressive!

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

10. The Pantanal in Brazil

After having been to the Jungle this wasn’t something new, but the possibilities to be in the nature and do some wildlife watching are amazing! Hikes, boat trips, jaguar spotting 🙂 A great relaxing spot! Closeby town Bonito is a great place to visit!

Top 10 South-America Backpacking Like A Boss

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 South-America and that you have some new experience for your travels! Any questions, let me know 🙂 Below you find the map of my Lonely Planet – it actually survived the trip! 🙂

Despite these being highlights, I also love going off the beaten path and get to know locals and experience the real South-American life. Obviously, my exchange was perfect for this and I had many great experience outside of these highlights! So don’t be fooled by this list, there is more than meets the eye 🙂 Check out this guide on special things to do in Latin-America to take your travel experience to the next level

Top 10 South America on a shoestring 2

This was my final itinerary for South-America! This is such a big continent 🙂

top 10 south-america

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  1. Super, sab!! Hele mooie highlights, helemaal mee eens 😉 Moet heel raar zijn om opeens weer thuis op de bank te zitten, maar ook heeerlijk! Geniet van de hagelslag en de Hollandse nuchterheid voor de komende week, en succes met de mentale voorbereidingen op je volgende avontuur… Liefs uit je hometown in Z-Amerika! 😉

  2. Inderdaad hele mooie highlights en je vindt het heerlijk weer op de bank in Rijswijk……maar ben je niet één highlight vergeten???


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