Backpacking the World

I made my first solo trip when I was only 16 years old and have not stopped exploring since! Next to studying, doing internships and working, my goal has always been to explore the world, meet new people and be inspired! With my backpack, with my campervan or in any other way, I am looking for freedom!

I am happy to share my travel tales and destination guides with you.

Enjoy the read!

I often get asked: what is your favourite ” …. ” . Hereby a short list to get those questions out of the way 😉

My favourites

My favourite country to travel:

OK this is the hardest question obviously 🙂 So I made a top three, in no specific order:

1) South-Africa

2) Indonesia

3) Argentina

But let’s not forget Bolivia, Myanmar, Australia, Peru … and so much more!

My favourite country to live:

This would be Australia for sure. I lived here when I did my internshipThis country has it all – nature, food, lovely people, great traveling opportunities. I am sure that one day, I will end up


My favourite city:

Buenos Aires and Barcelona


My best holiday ever:

My three week trip to Indonesia


Most dangerous country I visited:



Most romantic place I visited:

Bocas del Toro in Panama





Traveling Europe

Bodegas Pinoso | A Great Wine Tour in Pinoso

As you may know, Bas and I traveled with our campervan through Spain for almost 4 months! Since we moved to Pinoso (Alicante, Spain) in January 2019, I have completely fallen in love with the local wines. From tasty red Monastrells to light and fruity rose wines for...

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Traveling Asia

Traveling South America

Loki Inka Jungle Trek Review – Exploring Machu Picchu

This review is based on the Inka Jungle Trek booked through Loki Hostels, Cuzco. This alternative trip to Machu Pichu was a great experience that I'd like to share! I have received several questions on this tour over the last couple of year. So I decided to write an...

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Crossing A Continent: From Lima to Sao Paolo Overland!

My time in Lima was coming to an end! In my South-America Itinerary I already told you that my flight back would be from Sao Paolo, Brazil. So it was time for a cool challenge: from Lima to Sao Paolo overland! Flying was too expensive and I still had some weeks left,...

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Traveling Africa

Traveling Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Your DIY Campervan Conversion

So you are thinking about a campervan conversion? You want to get into vanlife, or get a campervan to travel around with during your holidays? But don't want a huge RV or super expensive camper? Then a van conversion is a fun and cost-effective way to get your own...

My traveling timeline


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Everyone knows Paris. A..

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