These vanlife girls are real. Real, pure, smart, independent awesome girls that have taken control over their lives and are chasing their dreams! Some of them with a dog, some of them with a man, but all of them with a van 😀

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Why you should follow these Vanlife Girls!

They inspire

These girls have mostly converted or redone their own vans. Some of them bought an empty van and completely build it to their taste. Others have bought an existing campervan but completely refurbished it. In any way, their campers, pictures and lives are an inspiration to me and many others!

They give back

A question about how they made their cupboards? Or how vanlife is with a dog? Or where are the safest places to spend the night? These girls will always be able to help! Together they have a great abundance of knowledge and they are not too lazy to share. Browse through their pictures on Instagram or send them a direct message – they are all lovely 🙂

Their pictures are amazing

I think that every single ladies below manages to take amazing pics. Especially when travelling by yourself this is so super hard! But they manage. I especially love the views from the back of the van looking over the great vistas, mountains and sunsets.

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Viki is from Germany, is a ballet dancing architect 😀 and she converted an awesome van. She travels together with Cleo, her dog. She travelled through the amazing landscapes of Scandinavia and is now on her way to the south to chase the sunshine 🙂 . I love Viki’s pictures as they are super bright and always give a good idea of how the van looks like from the inside. A pleasure to follow 🙂 Also check out her website 


Vanlife Girls

Vanlife Girls


Meet Anna. In April 2015 she bought a wonderful black Volkswagen T3 van. Together with her boyfriend she designed and built it into a beautiful small home. The van is named Morton and they have already traveled thousands of kilometers all around Europe. I love the colour of the van, and also like how she builds her Instagram feed around one colour theme!

Vanlife Girls - Morton on the Road

Vanlife Girls



Vera is from the Netherlands and is only 20 years old! She has been living in her van since this summer. The van’s name is Ziggy and is a Volkswagen T4 from 1994. It used to be completely empty and how has a super cosy interior. The van has been painted in a lovely minty colour and is ready for lots of adventures 😀

Vanlife Girls

Vanlife Girls


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Sarah is exploring Australia’s amazing coasts at the moment. She takes stunning pictures that make you want to be where she is right now 😀 She is enjoying beautiful sunsets, benefits from the amazing Australian surf and has a super cute dog 😀 I love the colours of the interior which are very bright and match exactly with the colours of the sea.

Vanlife Girls

Vanlife Girls


Caroline is a 22 year old environmental policy student who has decided to finish her studies while living in her self-converted van 🙂 She is the only one I know that has a swing in her van and she got loads of media attention. Way to go girl!! 😀

Vanlife girls

Vanlife Girls

Bonus! @backpackinglikeaboss 😉

As you know I did my own van conversion to start living the life I want and to have freedom where ever I want to go 🙂

Renault Trafic Van Conversion


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For more amazing Vanlife Girls, check out the account of @vangirlsrule for more AWESOME stuff 😀

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