I quit my job, started working online and travelling in my campervan. On this page you will find all info on my van conversion and what it’s like to live in a van!

Living the vanlife

5 Vanlife Girls that You Need to Start Following Today!

These vanlife girls are real. Real, pure, smart, independent awesome girls that have taken control over their lives and are chasing their dreams! Some of them with a dog, some of them with a man, but all of them with a van 😀 Don't forget to check out my DIY campervan...

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Introduction to Vanlife – My Story

Let me take you on a quick introduction to vanlife. I will tell you how I discovered what on earth Vanlife is and why I decided to take the leap 🙂 Early 2017, I decided it was time for a change (once again). Everything seemed to be going strong. I had just sold my...

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The Ultimate guide to your

DIY Campervan Conversion


Are you looking into building your own campervan? It’s a lot of fun, but also an immense project!

That’s why I wrote this guide to help you get started! It’s full of tips and tricks, links to products and materials I used and much more!

If you want more details on specific parts of the conversion, I also wrote in-depth articles on several topics.

Read all about how I insulated my van, built the walls and floor, the interior and how I installed a ventilator in the roof. 

Ready to start your own campervan build?


The Ultimate Guide to Your DIY Campervan Conversion

So you are thinking about a campervan conversion? You want to get into vanlife, or get a campervan to travel around with during your holidays? But don't want a huge RV or super expensive camper? Then a van conversion is a fun and cost-effective way to get your own...

The van Conversion

Why I love vanlife

Why I love vanlife


Everyone knows Paris. A..


Living in a van

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