Must-Visit Waterfalls in Spain!

written by Sabrina
published on April 20, 2020

What? Waterfalls in Spain? Are there any? It’s so hot and dry!

That’s the reaction I get a lot 🙂 Good news! There are PLENTY of waterfalls in Spain! For people that have been following me for a while, you may have noticed that I absolutely LOVE waterfalls. Small waterfalls, big waterfalls, natural waterfalls, artificial waterfalls, I don’t really mind 😉

In this post I have organized the waterfalls by Spanish regions so it’s easy to find a waterfall near you. Let me know in the comments if you know of any other Spanish cascadas, saltos or cuevas that should be added to this list 🙂 !

My LOVE for waterfalls

Everywhere I travel, I’m always on the lookout for waterfalls. In Asia, you find beautiful tropcial surroundings with waterfalls pourding down in plunge pools. In France, there are so many beautiful waterfalls and gorges to explore. In Portugal I found a small waterfall with a lagoon in which I could swim! And there were many many more waterfalls I visited 🙂

Things to do in Tavira - swimming in Pego do Inferno Waterfall
things to do in Tavira - Pego do Inferno Waterfall
Beautiful Pego do Inferno waterfall is one of the great places to visit in Tavira, Portugal
3 weeks in Myanmar - Favourite things about Myanmara
The stunning nam hu hnwe waterfall near Hsipaw, Myanmar on my 3-week trip to Myanmar
Roadtrip through the Jura - Cascades de Tuf
A not so great waterfall in France on my roadtrip through the Jura

Different Types of Spanish Waterfalls

In the English language, all types of water falling or streaming down are called waterfalls. But the Spanish make a distinction between how the water is falling down 😉 .

  • Cascadas – The word for waterfall in Spanish is cascada. The Spanish use the word Cascada for when water falls down, but it’s not completely vertical. It still touches the rock and often the waterfall has different levels or steps. Also the water may flow in different paths.
  • Saltos – The word salto also means waterfall, but is used in case the water plunges in a free-fall. It barely touches the underlying “wall”.
  • Nacimiento de Río “xx” – Nacimiento means birth. With regards to waterfalls, this expression is used to indicate the “birth” or the source of a river.
  • Cuevas – A cueva is a cave. This expression is frequently used for (partially) underground waterfalls that often have underground lakes with them.

Plan your trip to the most amazing waterfalls in Spain

What I learned when researching this article about waterfalls in Spain, is that there are waterfalls in basically every region in Spain! Even in relatively flat areas like Alicante (where I live closeby), you find waterfalls! Most waterfalls in Spain qualify as off the beaten path places in Spain, but some do get crowded – mainly in summer. That brings me to the next point: Spain is largely a very dry country. Many waterfalls in Spain will, therefore, dry up in summer. So if you really want to go chasing waterfalls, make sure to time it well, according to the weather in each specific region 🙂

For now, have fun with the below list!

Waterfalls in Andalusia

Cascada De La Osera – Jaén

The Cascada de la Osera is spectacular and should definitely be on your list to visit! It is the highest waterfall in Andalusia and the second-highest waterfall in Spain! It’s located in the stunning Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and the Villas.

But it’s not the easiest waterfall to reach. You will have to hike about 4,5 hours (return) and 8,3 kilometers. It’s not a hike for inexperienced hikers and is not recommended for kids. However, the ones who take the challenge are rewarded with lots of smaller waterfalls, great views and the beautiful Cascada de La Osera. All the details of the hike can be found on Wikiloc.

Other beautiful waterfalls in the Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and the Villas are the Cascada De Linarejos and the Cascada de Hoyo Redondo.

Cascada de “La Cimbarra” – Jaen

The Cimbarra waterfall is located about 2 km from the town of Aldeaquemada in the province of Jaén, Andalusia. The Cimbarra waterfall is about 40 meters high and originates from the Guarrizas River. It’s a stunning waterfall that drops in a large pool of water.

The road towards the waterfalls is reported to be in good condition and recent investments in the paths and signs should ensure an easy visit. To fully enjoy the waterfall, you can take two routes: the upper one where you end up at a viewpoint and the lower one that brings you to the base of the waterfall. There is a large pool of water but swimming is not recommended – it’s very deep and no one has ever managed to measure the exact depth! Check out this page from the town Aldeaquemada for more info.

Puente Nuevo Waterfall – Málaga

One of the most famous waterfalls in Spain is located in the popular visit of Fronda. Most visitors to Ronda only come to see the famous Puente Nuevo (New Bridge). Only few realise that there is a beautiful waterfall flowing under the bridge! The Río Guadalevin flows through the famous Andalusian bridge then tumbles 25 meters into the beautiful Tajo Gorge.

You can admire the waterfall from one of the southern views of the Ronda New Bridge. However, if you are feeling adventurous you can climb down to the base of this fall! In order to reach the base of the Ronda waterfall you walk into the depth of gorge along dusty paths. If you don’t fancy walking all the way to Ronda waterfall, you can admire the waterfall from the Arch of Christ. This is the best viewpoint of the New Bridge in Ronda and of the Ronda waterfall! 

Contributed by Anna from My Travel Scrapbook

Waterfalls in Spain - Waterfall Ronda Puente Nuevo
Waterfall Ronda Puente Nuevo

Cueva del Gato – Málaga

The Cueva del Gato is one of the most-visited parts of the Grazalema mountain range. This gorgeous location is located between Montejaque and Benaoján inside the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. It is a karst ground with limestone rock where the water has produced a beautiful underground world. 

Right at the cave´s entrance, there is a waterfall where many visitors enjoy a refreshing dip in its waters. If you’re a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss out on this waterfall. Tt is a wonderful experience when looking for outdoorsy things to do in Malaga.

Contributed by Paulina from Visit Southern Spain

Cascadas del Huéznar – Seville

Nestled into the Parque Natural de Sierra Norte and sandwiched between Andalucía and Extremadura, the chain of waterfalls known as the Cáscadas del Huéznar fall near the source of the river which shares it’s name. Located just steps off of the Vía Verde, a train route converted to a bike path, in the town of San Nicolás del Puerto, you can hike two kilometers from town or drive to Batán de las Monjas campground and follow the river back towards town. You’ll see locals wading and swimming in some of the deeper pools but don’t trek too far off the path, or you’ll end up in private property.

Contributed by Cat from Sunshine & Siëstas

Waterfalls in Spain - Cascadas del Huéznar
Cascadas del hueznar

More waterfalls in Andalusia

Cascada de Chorrogil – Jaen – excellent informatie article – one of the highest waterfalls in Spain

Waterfalls in Aragon

The waterfalls of Monasterio de Piedra – Zaragoza

The Monasterio de Piedra is also dubbed the Paradise of Waterfalls – and deservedly so! This monastery, hotel, spa and natural park is located in the town of Nuévalos, a little over 100 km from Zaragoza. The monastery was founded in the 12th century and is enclosed by a medieval wall.

Below in the picture you see “La Cascada Caprichosa”, together with “El Baño de Diana”. This is just one of several waterfalls and it looks absolutely beautiful. Other waterfalls are Cola de Caballo (not the same as below!), Cascada de Trinidad and Cascada Iris. There’s a marked path that you follow around the park and you get to go in, on, through under different waterfalls. You can see a map of the park here

It’s 16€ for the park entrance, or €14,40 if you buy tickets online beforehand.

Cola de Caballo Waterfall – Huesca

The Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail) waterfall is located near the town of Torla in the Spanish Pyrenees. It is one of Spain’s most famous waterfalls and it can be reached by hiking through the beautiful Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. Check out this excellent article on the hike to the Cola de Caballo for all the details! During the hike, you will also be able to enjoy the Cascada de las Cuevas and the Cascada del Estrecho.

In summer you’re expected to park in Torla and take a bus into the national park. You can expect some crowds on the popular routes / viewpoints. In the shoulder season this should not be a problem!

Waterfalls in Spain - Cascada Cola de Caballo at Ordesa Valley Pyrenees Spain
Cascada Cola de Caballo

Cascada del Molino de San Pedro – Teruel

Cascada de San Pedro in Teruel Sierra Albarracin
Cascada del Molino de San Pedro

The waterfall of the Molino (mill) de San Pedro is located in the small town of El Vallecillo in the la Sierra de Albarracín. It is named after the mill that stands beside the waterfall. This beautiful waterfall is easy to reach from the road. There is no parking and signs – but apparently you can just follow your ears! You can spend your day hiking the surroundings (several trails on wikiloc) or enjoy the fresh water of the pool. Check out this article in Spanish as an excellent resource.


More waterfalls in Aragon

Naciemiento de Río Pitarque – 100 km from Teruel – Easy hike – Great Google reviewsYoutube video
Cascada del Cinca – Huesca – Close to the French border – HikeMore Info

Waterfalls in Asturias

Cascada de Seimeira de Murias

This 30 meter high waterfall is not one of the famous waterfalls in Spain, but is definitely one to put on your off the beaten track in Spain list! It is located in the region of “Los Oscos”. There is a relatively easy 4km (one-way) track that leads to the waterfall, which looks stunning when there is enough water! Read this article about the full hike, as is this one.

More waterfalls in Asturias

Cascadas de Oneta – 38m high – Oviedo 128 km – Youtube video4 km 1,5 hr roundtrip hike

Waterfalls in Basque Country

Salto del Nervion – Aláva

The Salto de Nervion comes crashing down from a stunning 222m altitude, and with that is the highest waterfall in Spain. The waterfall is located in a beautiful gorge with endless views. Access to the top of this popular waterfall is easy (although the drive up may give you vertigo!), and there is a mirador to get the best pictures! There are several parkings on the way to the top and they all have walks signalled. This page has all the info you need on parking and walking. Alternatively, you can enjoy the waterfall from the base by walking from nearby town Delika. To not be dissapointed, make sure to visit after a storm, lots of rain or the melting of the ice.

Cascada Gujuli – Aláva

The Gujuli (also know as Goiuri) waterfall is located within the Gorbea Natural Park and is over 100 meters high! The waterfall originates from the Jaundia river that is on its way to the sea. As with many waterfalls, there is very little water in summer, so plan your visit carefully!

The waterfall viewpoint is signposted and reached via a turn off the A-2521 before reaching Goiuri. Visitors report it’s easy to visit for families with children.

Waterfalls in Spain - Cascada de Gujuli, país Vasco, España
View from the top of the Gujuli Waterfall

More waterfalls in Basque Country

Let me know if there are any other waterfalls to include!

Waterfalls in Cantabria

Nacimiento del Rio Asón

This beautiful waterfall comes plunging down about 70 meters. It’s definitely not one of the most visited waterfalls in Spain, but nonetheless worth a visit!

There are two sets of waterfalls. One is in the town of la Gándara and is called ‘Cáscadas de La Gándara’. It has a scary viewing platform that ‘flies’ over the waterfall. The other is the Nacimiento del Río Asón’ that is a 5 km drive up the mountain from the town. You can also take a hike from the town of Asón, that is about 8 km roundtrip. Funny detail: both waterfalls are from two different rivers that are born there, the Asón and the Gándara. Check out this blog for more information.

Waterfalls in Spain - Nacimiento Rio Ason (1)
View on the beautiful Nacimiento Río Ason

This waterfall is a beautiful place to visit, but a little remote. There is no public transport to get there. With car, the best route from Santander or Bilbao is going to Laredo, from there to Ramales de la Victoria, and then to La Gándara.

Picture and Text contributed by Alfredo Casuso and Carlos Casuso

More waterfalls in Cantabria

Let me know if there are any other waterfalls to include!

Waterfalls in Castile-La Mancha 

Cascadas Pozas del Aljibe – Guadalajara

The Pozas del Aljibe make a great day or weekend getaway from Madrid (128km). The falls are located close to the town of Roblelacasa and can be reached with a 6km roundtrip hike that’s reportedly suitable for kids too! Have a look at this and this post for more information on the surroundings.

More waterfalls in Castile La Mancha

Nacimiento del río Mundo – Albacete – Also known as Chorros del Río Mundo – Excellent article
Nacimiento del río Júcar – 100 km from Cuenca – Excellent article!Youtube video
Cascada del Arroyo de la Toba – Albacete – 60 km from Albacete – Wikiloc routeYoutube video

Waterfalls in Castile & Léon

Pozo de los Humos – Salamanca

The Pozo de los Humos is a stunning 50 meter natural waterfall about 100km from Salamanca. It is the most famous waterfall of Castile & Léon and definitely seems worth a visit!

You can reach the waterfall by hiking from the towns of Pereña de la Ribera and Masueco. There is a great viewpoint of the waterfall that sticks out over the rock – so make sure you’re up for it 😀 You can also reach the Pozo de los Humos by car from Masueco. From the parking it’s about an 800 meter walk.

More waterfalls in Castile & Léon

Cascada de Orbaneja del Castillo – Burgos – Beautiful waterfall troughout the village – TripadvisorYoutube
Cascada de Tobalina Pedrosa – Burgos – 68km from Bilbao – After lots of rain – Gets busy!
Cascada de Peñaladros – Burgos – 40km from Bilbao – Easy hikeBlog & Video

Waterfalls in Catalunya

Salt de Sallent

A great weekend road trip from Barcelona is to visit the quaint medieval village of Rupit! It’s only a 2.5 hours drive north of Barcelona in the region of Cataluña. And while the village itself is very unique and makes for a lovely afternoon, the big draw for adventure-seeking tourists happens to be known as Salt de Sallent.

This hiking attraction is a 45-minute journey from the village and the end result is a real “wow factor” waterfall! Although some areas of the hike are simple for beginners, there are sections of the pathways that are narrow and quite challenging for our families.

Waterfalls in Spain - Salt de Sallent Barcelona Catalunya
Salt de Sallent

Contributed by Lauren from The Expat Chronicle

Sant Miquel del Fai (Salt de Tenes) – Barcelona

With the 11 century stone building perched precariously over the green vegetation abyss, partly hidden by water, you would think you’re in the midst of a great deserted wilderness. You’re actually 50km away from bustling Barcelona; at the Sant Miquel del Fai Monastery and Waterfall!

Waterfalls in Spain - Salt de Tenes - Sant Miquel del Fai Barcelona Catalunya
Salt de Tenes

The 100meter tall waterfall ( it’s true name Salt de Tenes) is best visited in April-May when the green is fresh and the water is plenty from the spring rains. And Sant Miquel del Fai is a paradise for hikers too – into the thick forest you’ll go lose yourself and find your soul. Well, not literally – the routes are great and easy to follow. A must-visit waterfall for anyone visiting Barcelona!

Contributed by Raluca from Upside Down Travels

More waterfalls in Catalunya

La Cascada de La Foradada de Cantonigrós – Barcelona – 85km from Girona – Easy hike – gets crowded
Fonts de Llobregat – Barcelona – 130 km from Girona – Easy access hikeYoutube
Es Uelhs deth Joeu – Lleida – Pyrenees – 180 km from Lleida – Example hikeYoutube
Saut deth Pish – Lleida – Pyrenees – 180 km from Lleida – People love the drive up the mountain – Tripadvisor
Gorg de Malatosca – Girona – 80 km from Girona – Not high but stunning – Easy hike for familiesYoutube

Waterfalls in Comunidad Valenciana

Salto de la novia – Castellon

The Salto de la Novia (tranlates into “the bride’s jump”) is a stunning 30 meter high waterfall. Local legends tell us that that when a couples was going to get married, the woman had to jump to have a happy marriage. But one time, things went all wrong and while trying to save his woman, the man died as well.

These days things are a lot lighter this waterfall is very popular and it’s recommended not to visit on weekends / in summer. A visit to the Salto de la Novia will set you back €2 and although the walk is easy, it’s not great for less mobile people as you have to park quite far out. This waterfall makes a great day trip from Valencia which is only 60 km away!

Cueva Turche in Buñol

Just outside Valencia, the small town of Buñol is more famous for ‘La Tomatina’ festival held every August. However, not too far away, amongst fields, farmhouses and dirt tracks is Cueva Turche waterfall. Located in a cool, shady area the picturesque waterfall drops 60m into a refreshing lagoon below. Whilst the lagoon is present year-round, the waterfall may not be flowing as freely during the scorching Valencian summer. However, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the place as even without the waterfall you can marvel at the stunning scenery of the harsh rocky cliff face, vegetation, small caves and the green-tinged lagoon.

Waterfalls in Spain - Cueva Turche waterfall
The dry version of the Cueva Turche!

The surrounding area is equipped with picnic tables to relax alongside family and friends. At the entrance to the site is a car park, however if you’re travelling by public transport to Buñol trains run regularly from Valencia and take a little over an hour. Getting from the town centre involves a relatively flat 3.5km walk that generally takes around 45 minutes. Once out of Buñol the scenery opens out into spacious Valencian countryside and yet more beautiful scenery.

Contributed by Stuart from Just Travelling Through

More waterfalls in Comunidad Valenciana

Las Fuentes de Algar – Alicante – 15km from Benidorm – Populair and BUSY – InformationYoutube
Patano de Elche – Alicante – Artificial waterfall, 8km hike from Elche centre

The Patano de Elche

Patano de Elche - Artifical waterfall in Spain - Spanish waterfalls
Patano de Elche – Photo contributed by Gemma Louise

Waterfalls in Extremadura

Cascada del Caozo

The Cascada del Caozo is a beautiful waterfall that flows down over a massive stone “wall”. Your adventure to the Waterfalls in El Valle del Jerte starts in the town of Valdastillas. From here you can take several hikes to some stunning waterfalls. To visit the Cascada del Caozo you will walk for about 7km (round-trip) on a well-signalled route.

In the same visit you can also view the Cascada del Calderon and the Cascada de Marta. Read this excellent article for more information . Insider tip: go when the fruit trees are blossoming to make your visit especially beautiful!

Caozo waterfall in Valle del Jerte, Caceres. Spain
Cascada del Caozo

More waterfalls in Extremadura

Garganta de Las Nogaledas – Valle del Jerte – Easy hike, stunning waterfall

Waterfalls in Galicia

Cascada del Ézaro – La Coruña

The Cascada del Ézaro is located in Galicia, in the North of Spain. It is definitely in the top 10 most photgenic waterfalls in Spain’s. The Ezaro waterfall (sometimes called Xallas Waterfall as it’s on Xallas River) is one of the biggest in Europe and is over 150 meters high. One of the coolest and unique features of the waterfall is that it runs directly into the sea!

The road to the Ézaro waterfall itself is worth the trip! It is very steep, with certain parts reaching an inclination of almost 30%! When you arrive at the waterfall, there is a very steep road that leads you to the Ezaro Lookout. Here you have a fantastic view of the waterfall and if the day is clear you can see all the way to Cape Finisterre. On Saturdays during Summer, the falls are illuminated at night. It is definitely a waterfall worth visiting during your trip to Spain.

Waterfalls in Spain - Cascada-Ezaro-waterfall-Galicia
Cascada Ézaro
Ezaro Waterfalls - Beautiful waterfalls in Spain
The Ezaro Waterfall

Contributed by Jorge and Claudia from Travel Drafts

San Xurxo – Galicia

Without being particularly impressive, mighty or tall; the San Xurxo waterfall, in Lousame (Galicia), deserves a mention for its wonderful lush forest environment. It is located next to a stone church – the Monastery of San Xusto de Toxosoutos – and has two main sections (in the photo, the one located in the upper area). If you feel like walking, you can do so there too as a nice walking route starts from there. The easiest way to get there is by car.
As a tip, don’t forget to pack an umbrella or a raincoat. Galicia is stunning because it rains a lot, among many other things. Enjoy!

San Xusto waterfall - Best waterfalls in Spain
San Xusto Waterfall

Contributed by Inma from A World to Travel

More waterfalls in Galicia

Fervenza do Toxa, Pontevedra – 30m high, easy hike. Combine with monastery – Tripadvisor Excellent article

The Fervenza do Toxa, Pontevedra

Waterfalls in Spain - Fervenza Toxa cascada en Galicia, España - Beautiful Spanish waterfalls
Fervenza Toxa Cascada

Waterfalls in La Rioja

Cascada Ortigal (Chorretes de Necutia)

Although this waterfall is not as spectacular as other waterfalls in Spain, it’s one of few waterfalls in the Rioja. It’s located in a beautiful foresty location in between Burgos and Logroño (80-100km). The water flows down over many levels which makes it a very photogenic waterfall. There are several hikes in the area (have look on Wikiloc) so you can fully enjoy the surroundings. Read this article for a hike towards the waterfalls.

More waterfalls in La Rioja

Sendero de las Cascadas WikilocInformative article

Waterfalls in Madrid

Cascada del Purgatorio

Looking to visit waterfall close to Madrid? This is the one! Visiting this waterfall could be a great daytrip from Madrid, which is only 75 kilometers away! Even though not very high (only about 10 meters) the waterfall of Purgatorio is beautiful and is part of a pleasant 11km hike that starts in the town of Rascafría. The waterfalls comes down in a small gorge, which is a great place for a picnick while watching the water flow by.

The route starts in front of the Santa María del Paular Monastery and is a great way to discover the Madrid countryside. This article and also this one both have great information on the hike. The route is reported to be well signalled and easy for kids. A visit to this waterfall comes highly recommended by reviewers on Google!

More waterfalls in the Madrid region

Cascada del Cancho – Navalafuente – 60km from Madrid – Informative articleYoutube video
Cascada Del Hornillo – Santa María de la Alameda – 80km from Madrid – WikilocInformative article

Waterfalls in Murcia

Salto del Usero, Murcia

This waterfall is located in the town of Bullas, Murcia. It is a beautiful natural spot and is used by locals to cool off during the hot summer months. It is also visited by tourists from Murcia which is only 60km away. Even though it will not make it in the top 10 of waterfalls in Spain, it definitely makes a good daytrip from Murcia!

The reviews of this place are generally good and the pictures look stunning. However, some people report it gets very busy and the landscape is not well maintained, so it may be worth visiting in the off-season.

The falls are very easy to reach – you can park your car at about 5 minutes in a paid carpark (€6,50) . Funnily enough, you can reserve a spot to visit the Salto del Usero. This shows how busy it can get!

More waterfalls in the Murcia region

Are there any more? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Waterfalls in Navarre

Cascada de Putzubeltz Ur-jauzia

I have no idea why this waterfall is not visited more frequently, as it looks absolutely stunning! This waterfall is less than 50 km from San Sebastian and therefore can make for a great daytrip! The base to explore the Cascada de Putzubeltz is the town of Arantza where you can park your car and embark on your hike. There are some good hikes on Wikiloc

Cascada Xorroxin

This stunning waterfall seems. tobe set in a tropcial location! The greenery around is beautiful and the great thing: it’s only about 1,5 hour from San Sebastian! To visit this waterfall, you will drive to the village of Erratzu, where you can park your car.

The hike is reported to be fairly easy – about 7km and 2 hours round-trip (excluding picture time! The signage is not great but people do find it easy to get to the waterfalls. Read this excellent article for more information.

More waterfalls in Navarre

Let me know if I should add any more waterfalls!

Waterfalls on the Balearic & Canary islands

Cascada de Soria – Gran Canaria

Located in the middle of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Cascada de Soria is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Spain! Well, if you only manage to see it during rainy season 

Unfortunately, when we visited Gran Canaria, the reservoir was empty due to lack of rain in the past years. Having said that, this is still a stunning area to visit. Many tourists and locals head out there for hiking and trekking – the views are unforgettable and truly incredible!

Waterfalls in Spain - Cascada de Soria
No water in the Cascada de Soria, beautiful landscape though!

The road (GC-505) that leads to Soria begins in the city of Arguineguin and is one of the most spectacular things about a visit to Cascada de Soria. Over 20 km of winding roads – full of hairpin turns and blind corner spots. If you enjoy that type of activity you will love it – as long you rent a powerful car! Small-engine cars will definitely struggle with the steep and narrow road leading to Cascada de Soria waterfall.

Contributed by Darek and Gosia from DarekandGosia.com

Es Salt des Freu – Mallorca

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, has a diverse array of natural landscapes.  The Tramuntana Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011, is one of the most prized areas for mountaineers and hiking enthusiasts and it is here where we find the waterfall Es Salt des Freu.

An impressive series of natural waterfalls, Es Salt des Freu is an ideal place to discover one of the most special corners of the island. For the Mallorquins, it is a favorite excursion on a Sunday morning. It’s best to visit between the months of October and April or after heavy rains if you really want to see the waterfall in all its glory.

Waterfalls in Spain Mallorca - Es Salt des Freu
Canyoning at the Es Salt des Freu waterfall. Picture by AdventurersMallorca

The easiest access is at km 8.5, on the road Ma-2100 between Bunyola to Orient. Leaving the car at the side of the road, follow the sign that says ‘Santa María – 2h 40min. You find the falls at about 25 minutes – an easy 1 hour walk roundtrip. Specialized outdoor companies like AdventurersMallorca take brave souls canyoning, a popular watersport on Mallorca. 

Contributed by Gina from Visit My Mallorca

Cascada de Los Colores – Tenerife

This may be one of the most odd waterfalls in Spain! The cascada de los colores (or: the waterfall off the colours) is located on the island of Tenerife. It’s not famous for its height or impressiveness – but for the colours of the walls it runs past! Although it’s not a natural waterfall, the colours are. They are caused by the minerals in the water. As a waterfall fanatic this is definitely one to visit.

You can visit the Cascada de los Colores on a daylong hike. The fact that it’s not super accessible means that it should never get too crowded! Read this excellent articles in English and Spanish for more relevant information – and check the weater conditions when you go. Opposed to other waterfalls, this one may be inaccessible when it has rained.

Waterfalls in Spain - Waterfall Cascada de Colores at La Palma (Canary Islands)
Cascada de Colores

More waterfalls on the Canary & Balearic islands

Are there any more waterfalls that I should add to this list? Let me know!

Waterfalls in Spain

I hope you liked this list of waterfalls in Spain! Please let me know if you know of any more that definitely should be added to this list 🙂 Safe travels, and keep chasing waterfalls!

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