Things to do in Tavira, Portugal – the Cutest Town In The Algarve

written by Sabrina
published on March 27, 2020

What a gem! Tavira definitely qualifies as one of the cutest towns of the Algarve, if not the whole of Portugal! As we were traveling with our self-converted campervan, we were driving in the area when I read about Tavira in the Lonely Planet. Beautiful old town, not as crazy as Lisbon and Sintra and a waterfall!! I really had to go here and check out the things to do in Tavira:-)

The Algarve Region

Located in the most southern part of Portugal is the Algarve region. This area is one of the most well-known and popular tourist destinations in Portugal and for good reason! It’s absolutely beautiful, produces lots of delicious foods and, of course, has lovely weather! Studies have also shown that it’s one of the best places in the world to retire. Known for it’s stunning beaches, golf courses, weather and cuisine there are lots of gorgeous places to explore and things to do. Such as visiting some of the small and pretty villages in the region! If you’re only visiting Lisbon and surrounding areas, the Algarve is a bit out of the way. But I would definitely say the Algarve and visiting Tavira should be part of any Portugal itinerary!

Things to do in Tavira - old town
Views from Tavira Castle over the old town


One of the prettiest towns in the Algarve region is Tavira. Located right on the southern coast of Portugal it is very pretty with hilltop castle ruins, a Roman bridge and other historic buildings. Like most cities in the region Tavira has a mix of Roman, Arabic and Christian heritage. Built along both sides of the river Gilão Tavira is a bit less crowded than some of the more popular parts of the Algarve. Perfect if you want to enjoy everything the town has to offer without crowds of people! Located 3km from the coast, it’s also easy to get to the nearby beaches, islands and salt pans if you want to explore nature nearby. Tavira is full of charming cobblestone streets, beautiful churches and interesting things to see and do!

Things to do in Tavira - old building
Some awesome old buildings in Tavira old town!

Top 3 Things to do in Tavira

Some of the fun and interesting things you can do in the town of Tavira (and nearby) include:

Tavira Castle 

One of the main things you notice in Tavira are the castle ruins on the hill overlooking the town. It was once used to guard the town from raiders and pirates. The castle is free to visit, has stunning gardens and is an interesting place to learn about Tavira’s history; and look at the stunning views of the town!

Things to do in Tavira - Sightseeing the Tavira Castle
Some talented musicians playing in the castle gardens!
Things to do in Tavira - Castle of Tavira
Just posing in the beautiful gardens 🙂

Ria Formosa Natural Park

Tavira is one of the closest towns to the Ria Formosa Natural Park; an area of lagoons, inlets and barrier islands. You can see many different types of wildlife here, especially birds such as flamingoes, the Purple Gallinule and Purple Swamphen. The Nature Park is also home to chameleons, otters, badgers and foxes. As well as being a nature sanctuary the Ria Formosa is also where locals farm fish and shellfish such as oysters and clams.

Things to do in Tavira - Ria Formosa Natural Park2
So many shellfish in these lagoons!
Things to do in Tavira - Ria Formosa Natural Park
On a walk in the beautiful Ria Formosa Natural Park

Waterfall Pego de Inferno

One of the most interesting places to visit nearby to Tavira is the Waterfall Pego de Inferno. It is located about 7km out of Tavira. The waterfall was names ‘Hell’s Pool/Pit of Hell’ after a local legend. The legend says that a carriage once fell into the pool and was never found again! 

things to do in Tavira - Pego do Inferno Waterfall

The waterfall was once more of a secret spot, but it became more famous and tourist facilities were built nearby. In 2012 most of these facilities were destroyed by a fire, and it has never been rebuilt. So now it is more of an offbeat and secret-feeling spot to visit! You can find the wide green lagoon and pretty waterfall by a pathway and wooden stairway from the car-park.

Things to do in Tavira - swimming in Pego do Inferno Waterfall

When we visited in March, it was very quiet. There were only 2 more people there, even thought there were quite some motorhomes parked in the carpark. Good thing – I could skinny dip in the freezing water 😉

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Other Things to do in Tavira

  • Beaches – If you want to relax on a beautiful Portugese beach then there is plenty of pristine coastline to choose from. There are a number of sandbar islands on the southern side of the Ria Formusa National Park where you can relax. And there won’t be as many tourists as other places!
  • History – Tavira has a very beautiful historic centre if you like to explore Moorish, Gothic and/or Renaissance buildings! There are more than 36 churches in Tavira, as well as ancient monasteries, the castle ruins and 18th century mansions.
  • Food – Because of Tavira’s location near the ocean and the Natural Park, it’s also a fantastic place to eat fresh local seafood! You might like to try Cataplana: a traditional cuisine of the Algarve region. Cataplana is a delicious hearty stew of rice and seafood. Along with the cheap and good wine you can also find lots of fresh and local produce in the area!
  • Market – Along with restaurants and cafes you might also like to visit the local market for fresh food and gifts. In the early mornings it is busy with a fresh seafood market.  Later in the day it’s the perfect spot for fresh local produce and edible gifts. You might like to take some speciality Marzipan home with you!
  • Camera Obscura – You can also find a very unique attraction in Tavira inside the old water tower. You can go inside and see a ‘camera obscura’: a camera that projects views of the city onto the inside of the tower! Its definitely a unique and fun thing to see!
  • Ponte de Roman – The main bridge in Tavira is called the Roman bridge, even though it was built before the Romans came along. It’s another great spot to relax and look out over the town and maybe even take some nice photos!

Getting to Tavira

The town of Tavira is fairly small, so it’s easy to get around by walking, or perhaps you would like to explore by Tuk Tuk! To get to Tavira you can catch a train from Faro or Lagos, and you can use the Portugal train system website to check times and prices here. If you are flying into the region the closest international airports to Tavira are located in Faro and Seville (Spain). And, of course, you can always drive to Tavira on the main highways!

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Tavira in the Algarve
Tavira in the Algarve - Best things to do in Tavira in Algarve, Portugal
Tavira in Algarve, Portugal



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